It's Just gone!

Here’s a weird one for you. Last night I was working on a project, doing regular saves, I already had the song named and did the correct save as at first. After a while I decided to take a break and when I came back a dialogue box told me that Cubase had stopped working. My whole computer was frozen. Locked right up. Keyboard and mouse were both not working. I had to do a hard shutdown. I don’t like to do that. After I powered my computer up again, my song wasn’t listed. I did a quick search and found the bak files as well as a cpr file. No worries I thought. I’ve run into this before and ended getting it all back.
Not this time though. Every time I try to import a file nothing happens.
Any ideas what I can do? Please?

All and any help would be very greatly appreciated!

Once again, thanks in advance.

Jeremykeys the eternally lost but always greatful! :blush:

You can try safe mode. Execute cubase, then press shift+alt+ctrl

You can try and tempory rename your plugin folders. And then try loading the project.

Thanks but no luck. It’s very strange. I can open an empty Cubase window, go to file, drop down to import audio, I can call up the song and I get various bak files but then nothing happens. The file window closes and I get nothing. I have 5 bak files and a cpr file and I’ve tried all of them.I can see the files in my folder and I can see from the properties that there is information there. I just can’t get my Cubase to bring them in.

I don’t understand what file(s) you are trying to “bring in”. Are you trying to open one of the .bak files? You would do that by doing a file/open. If Cubase won’t open it, try changing the .bak extension to .cpr on one of the .bak files and try to open it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Happy news! My problem is solved. Since I could actually see my bak files, it occurred to me. If I open one with Cubase; it turned out that I had have first closed Cubase; I could open the file by choosing Cubase and voila! Like we say in the east coast, “There she be!”.

All is good. Life is good! Cubase is awesome! This forum is great! :smiley: