It's like playing Be-Bop.

Aloha guys,

I am at this moment starting to install C7
and came across this in a Steinberg read me file:

Developing software is an ongoing process that perpetually gets closer to perfection without ever achieving it,

Kinda says it all doesn’t it?
Like playing Be-Bop.

Now back to the installation

But can we really reach perfection? :open_mouth: So they may well be right, and reading the C7 forums confirms that its a long way off…

I’ve been reading the C7 forums in advance of getting the upgrade. My take is that there are a lot of users who don’t know what they’re talking about at all.Some folks will never learn that features not implemented as they want or features that they didn’t ask for ,don’t constitute bugs.

More importantly, I meant to ask how you like the update. Any install problems?

Aloha M,
Install went perfectly. Registration/dongle etc, no probs.

So far so good. I have ‘opened’ C7 but I have not yet used it for
any work because I am using Matt Hepworth’s tutorial:
‘Moving Forward with Cubase 7’ to learn a bit more about the app.
I’m just going step by step. (all 53 of them)

Only major prob so far is ‘Key Commands’.
I have not been able to successfully transfer the ones
from C6.5.

I have been reading some posts on this board about
several approaches to fix this issue but nothing yet definitive.

I’ll keep looking.

Amen to that. There’s never been a bigger contrast for me between the negative experiences and/or views of some posters and my own experience of installing and playing about with C7.


I suspect that if all (or at least most, and if possible due to disk space etc.) Cubase related files are in their default locations in the first place, like I have, one can expect the upgrade to present minimal problems.