It's never done that before...

I seem to be saying that quite a lot lately with Nuendo.

Tonight’s unique Nuendo moment was that it was impossible to stop it recording. I was recording BVs, three vocalists at once into 3 mics, 4 takes went normally, and at the end of the fifth Nuendo could not be stopped. No response to any mouse or keyboard commands. I could go into other apps which were responding normally, but Nuendo was unresponsive.

I opened Force Quit (Mac OSX.6), and rather surprisingly it did not show Nuendo as Not Responding.

In the end I had no option but to force quit. The audio files to be recorded showed a size of 0kb.

Chalk up another “it’s never done that before…”

Do you have last Nuendo update? Do you have last update of sound card driver? Is your HDD big enough? What about permissions? Can you try different one project? Is the problem here too?

Thanks Martin, but as I said, this has been a one-off glitch, no other projects affected, and this project now opens and runs normally. I simply wanted to flag up that Nuendo (5.5.4) did something I’ve never seen it do before, and to query whether anyone else had this happen.