It's no longer possible to open an LE or PLE preset for editing using a key command

Since the new logical editor has been implemented, it is no longer possible for certain types of dynamic macros to execute, for example I had a macro assigned to a key that would open a specific logical editor preset and change CC values in 2 fields.

Since the menu item has been removed, I now have to use the setup menu every time to adjust the preset, and its not possible to open the setup with a specific preset pre-loaded for editing, adding several unnecessary steps, please can we have the ability to open presets from the menu list again?

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You can call the Project Logical Editor Preset as a command the very same way, as it was in previous Cubase versions.

Could you please describe your Macro exactly (which steps are in; maybe a screenshot)?

Hi Martin

Yes, you can execute the preset with a key command, you cannot however open the preset in the editor like was possible before via the dropdown. The only way to do this now is via the setup menu item, in this scenario you have to choose setup & type in the preset name to load it, adding 2 unnecessary and difficult to automate steps.

I have several macros that need to open the preset first, and then update variable fields, this is no longer straightforward.

Here is another user with the same issue: Project & Midi Logical Editor access changes in V12 - why?! - #2 by fese

@Martin.Jirsak this topic is about a function that is now missing:
The issue is that previously, if you had a preset that you want to open and adjust slightly before applying, you could

  • open the LE or PLE
  • hit the key command shortcut for that preset, and
  • the preset would open in the LE or PLE

This is what @method1 means when they say “dynamic macro”.

Since the redesign for C12, this no longer happens. Now, the user must fumble about using the mouse and keyboard to manually select the preset for editing.

Significant loss, imo.



Thank you for the explanation, @Steve.

What is the use case, please? Why do you want to open the preset in the LE/PLE window and not to apply it immediately? Do you want to edit it?

Hi, yes the idea is to open the preset and edit it.
For example, a preset that copies 1 cc value to another cc value.
Instead of having multiple presets for each value eg preset 1 - copy cc 1 to cc 2, preset 2 copy cc 1 to cc 11 etc… which leads to making hundreds of presets, you can just have one preset and change the values, then apply. All of this can be automated, or rather, could be in previous versions, this functionality is severely diminished in the new system

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I see there was an attempt to address this in the latest update, however all the new implementation does is move the menu selection that was there in the 12.0.30 iteration one step later.

It doesn’t address the issue at all, which is that it used to be possible to directly open a specific preset in the editor with a key command or other trigger.

Any plans on updating this or restoring this functionality to the logical editor?

Yes, please fix this!

It was a very common way for LE/PLE users to work, because we don’t create presets for every single variable of difference… We create a few presets around common averages for hotkeys, and then we create a macro that prompts the P/LE editor then loads the preset so that we can enter in exact variables.

I would imagine, if no other P/LE user has complained about this yet, it’s because they haven’t realized it yet.

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+1 For this, essential function when working with CC and conversion presets. Also for creating a preset to replace parts of Track Name.

Yes, of course.

Aside from the hobbled functionality now, the new LE is causing crashes, please can we have our macros back!

Really? I have not seen that, nor read a report of it. How do I reproduce it?

Sometimes it crashes just by calling it up with the setup menu.
Cubase 12.0.52 apple silicon.
Next time it happens I’ll post a crashlog.

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