It's out of my hands...

After all the work, it’s done…

The PMCD, the CD ROM containing all the artwork files, the permission to duplicate and the IPR declaration are with the replication house. I signed off on the artwork proofs yesterday.

There is no going back now. Next step will be a very large box full of would be coffee coasters, in shiny digipaks.

I feel elated, apprehensive, excited and worried all at the same time.

Now to figure out how to put a storefront with paypal click-through onto my website…

And then to choose a digital distro company to manage the iTunes release.

Oh boy!

MarkOne said

I feel elated, apprehensive, excited and worried all at the same time.

Elated and excited = good. Go with those!

+1 to what Zebbie said …

I started breating more quickly, too!

Here’s to you, Mark - cheers!

Job done :sunglasses: All respect to you.

Hi Mark,

Congrats with the new CD.
Good luck! :sunglasses:


Breathing is good, Best of luck.


Good luck with the release, Mark! Congrats for putting it all together.
It’s a great feeling, looking back at how overwhelming it all felt
when you decided to do this, to know that you’ve followed through on it.

Now comes the selling - the part that most of us suck at. :laughing:


Great stuff fella!!!

here’s wishing you the best of luck with it all

If you go to the ‘making-of’ diary: http://markonemusic/newblog/ and use the search facility on the right hand side-bar, and search for mix preview, there are final snippets from all 10 tracks (or near final in some cases - I was tweaking up until the night before I uploaded the final mixes to John for mastering… Of course!) . And of course these are all prior to his magic touch and all the analogue goodness he had to hand.

I will, when I get a moment create a 5 minute montage from the master-review copy and pop it up on the homepage.

Best of success with this! :smiley:

Link seems to be down currently…



Think I’d be able to type my own bloomin’ URL, wouldn’t you!

Congrats Mark. :slight_smile:

Got it now, very nice. Best of luck.

Looking forward to having a copy in my car for the many hours I spend on the road.




Welcome BAS!


Is this “The Bas” from Bristol? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great stuff Mark, best of luck :sunglasses:
and hello to Bas too :sunglasses:

Bah! Delay!

So, not going to be 25th April now…

When I know, you’ll know.


Lets watch this paint dry: