It's out

Just purchased, time to install.

Looks like mine is stuck in the downloader. Says I’ve got all 21.09GB out of 21.09GB downloaded and yet the progress bar is just sliding left to right…anyone else have this?

That happens for a while.

Been going on for at least 15 minutes now…tried restarting the manager and everything :frowning:

Nevermind, deleted a 3kb aria file and it immedietly finished.

It did happen to me to, but after a while it stopped and I could install.

I finally got it downloaded, unzipped, installed and now scanning my VSTs. New startup splash screen is plain grey, interesting change. Looks a bit like the Ableton 10 one.

Loaded up a session I was working on in 9.5. So far so good. New GUI looks nice, quite a departure from the previous ones.

(On Mac) I noticed this happened as well - it said “completed” in the download manager but on disk it still had a long file extension. I just removed the extension and changed it to “.dmg” and it opened (and Disk Util verified it) just fine. I think Steinberg has some bugs to work out with this. I imagine some people might have re-downloaded 21GB one or more times thinking the download didn’t work. :confused: