Its possible do text symbols what change font depending what i use score?

I use Dorico Pro 5 with Windows Pro 10. i added operating system becouse i know not change things but i more easily remember it if i ask something what depends its mac or windows side used.(or course in ipad as well)
its possible do text symbols what change font depending what i use score? i mean if i do notation symbols few things becouse is terriblity lot work needed add same thing for multiple notes. for example chords with one place recomment accordion notation what uses m,M,7 for chords.
or any ideas for intelligent solution.

For accordion symbols, you could create them as custom playing techniques. They would then use the same font as all other text-based playing techniques (and will update if you edit the playing technique font style).

You can then input custom playing techniques using the playing techniques popover, or even after having input one in the score somewhere, copy and paste it to other positions (which can sometimes be quicker than inputting them from scratch).

Alternatively, you can add them as text items – but I would recommend if you do that, create a paragraph style specifically for these accordion markings, so that if you later change your mind about how they should look, all you need to do is edit the paragraph style and they will all update to match.

You can select paragraph styles in the text editor when adding text items, or afterwards:

good idea only problem if i want it multiple notes easily how i can text style ones archive this? if sim. etc are not suitable. eli only way is repeat technique it seems possible only ones what are not text at least what i now know.

It seems when i change it gylph still follow font setting then chanign it gylph and setting suitable repating setting is all is ok i think.