It's possible to move the licence from elicencer to soft-lic

Since I had Cubase 7 I never use my Cubase AI6 that came with my UR824. It’s kind of sad that there’s no Free Cubase AI7 upgrade (well no Cubase AI7 at all…)

Now, I want to use my AI6 in my laptop for “emergencies” (ie when I want to do some soft editing and I didn’t have my elicencer with me)

So, It’s possible to move the licence from my elicencer and put it as a softbased licence?


Though I have never used Cubase AI, I would think that the AI6 is made with the Soft-eLicenser in mind, since this edition often ships with various other items. I think I have a few activation codes of them myself laying around. :slight_smile:

Yeah, originally I uses that AI with soft-licenser, but then I put it in my elicenser usb. But well, now I want to put it back to soft… :confused:

That’s not possible. Your only option is to buy a second USB-key and transfer the license to it, but I guess that defeats your purpose…

Of course it’s possible, I have LE4 on my dongle and via the soft licenser on another computer.

No, it´s not possible to tranfer the license back from USB- to soft eLicenser. What you´re doing is against the EULA…

It’s legal, I only use one at a time. :wink:

Read the EULA

I have. I can install on as many computers as I wish as long as I only use one at a time.

Apart from that this is valid for only 3 computers in your possession, not for as many as you wish, this is true for software protected with the USB eLicenser, which your LE 4 now is. But that´s not the point.

So… how can I do it? It’s useless for me to have Cubase 7 and Cubase AI 6 in the dongle…

You can not transfer any license from USB- to soft eLicenser, as said already.
You can transfer it to a second USB eLicenser as also said already.

You need to think about that earlier next time…

No need to transfer. Install it and use the Auth. code generated by eLCC to authorize it on the other computer.

Ok ok, but as here was said I can use the licence if I don’t use it in two places at the time (that is what I’m looking for)

I will try this thank you.

In my elicenser program the only Soft-elicenser programs I have listed is an unused and expired MP3 Encoder and the valid Padshop Pro Extension. This type of ‘fluff’ is what the Soft-eLicenser supports. If Al6 is a Soft-eLicenser supported program then you should be fine. Load the elicenser on the other computer and install a copy of the Al6 program. It might ask you for a serial number (which you have if there is one) but I am unfamiliar with Al6 so I don’t know if a serial number is required.

It should work.

Now, if you did somehow turn a Soft-eLicenser program into a more typical eLicenser program - (is this possible???) - then it would seem that you need the dongle. However, since you have the install disc, you might want to try a fresh install of Al6 FIRST. If it redirects you to the eLicenser, and it should, then your are screwed. But sure, try it.

My problem with all of this is that you say Al6 was soft and then went ‘hard’. Where this is typical behavior with some body parts, it seems really odd that it exists with a Steinberg product. :laughing:

So (like had been said before) I’m screwed.

When I try to open Cubase AI6 (without the licenser usb) it says that my licence is expired (even when in MySteinberg Account it says “Not yet activated”)

So… I can’t do any fast editing or something if I’m (ie) visiting to my parents and some client call me for do something urgent.


You could take your dongle with you…?

You are not allowed to have two licenses of one software anyway.

But I don’t want two licences, I just want one, the one that it’s my own, the one that I paid for…

That´s the one that is now on your USB licenser. Where you transferred it too, without having been forced by anyone…
And apart from that, Cubase AI is free software bundled with Yamaha or Steinberg hardware AFAIK.