It's possible to save the Track info into a txt file?

Well I got a project where I need to use several VSTi tracks, those had the same EQ and volume from session to session.

Since the “track preset” function does’t save:

-Sends slots
-level of Sends slots
-MAIN Track Level

I’m wondering is there’s some way to export the track info into a txt file (similar as music xml works)

:confused: ?

Save the project as an archive (.xml) file.

How do I do that?

I don’t find any option that says “save as xml file” or “export as xml file” :frowning:


The options is “export as xml archive”.

The option is “save selected tracks”.

The thing is that export to xml (or save track) doesn’t work with VSTi instruments

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These are VSTi channels.

What you asked was:

And yes, it does not work for VST Instrument channels, but it does work for instrument tracks

I’ve asked for a “Project Report” for a looooong time. I’d really like to be able to print a report on each project that gives track info (project settings, plugins used, settings etc). I mean, it’s all there, it’s just a matter of mining it and presenting the data in a meaningful format.
For archival purposes I think this would be a great idea.


Ohh, big Sorry! I got lost in someplace between my spanish ↔ english translation :frowning:

Yes indeed

The entire project can be exported, including tempo, time signature, markers, VST rack, audio outputs etc

as xml?

Yes, and is part of the reason I upgraded from Cubase Studio 5 to Cubase 6 (grace period update to C7 was available).

The resulting XML file contains binary data in the form of xml attributes so the file can be quite large but is fully self-contained.

I looked in the manual for the “xml” keyword but I wasn’t able to find info about export a hole project as xml.

Please, can you point me in the right direction?


Page 696 in the manual (Cubase only).

artguy= brains, your chain is being pulled.

Only one way to “save” sends.

OP asked for a way to save “MAIN Track Level”.

How is this “chain pulling”?

XML archives are versatile, can be used as a template etc.

So what?

XML archives achieve the aims of the OP and are a great feature of Cubase.

Have you actually read the whole thread…? If so, think twice or even three times before leading people in the wrong direction… :unamused:

As stated, track archives are a perfect solution.