it's raining audio dropouts

Hi everyone, been at it for 2/3 weeks now, keep getting dropouts lasting up to 4 seconds, tried everything everybody suggested, updated the drivers in the firewire card… changed it to the legacy driver…then back again…buffers been up and down more times than a prossies knickers…got a brand new comp…intel ® core ™ i7-2700K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 16 GB ram running on W7 64 bit…SSD drive 240GB…and the only software installed on it is C6,5.1 and focusrite saffire pro 24…
yet I can not run a cubase project without major league dropouts…
I used the DPC latency checker suggested by Bane but it didn;t seem to notice that I was playing a project that had more dropouts than music, it’s verdict was that my comp should be able to handle real-time steaming of audio without dropouts.
I’m wistfully looking at my XP comp with Cubase 5 on it and wishing I could go back to it…but Steinberg have arranged it so you can’t go back with a project…clever that innit !!!
So can anyone tell me what I’m missing ? just wanna do some music that’s all , when ( if ) I get this sorted I am never upgrading again !!! no effing way !! pardon my french…don’t know which way to turn now…help please…best to everybody, Kevin

your machine should handle C6 with no difficulty even massive projects. pluggins are the only thing that come to mind. Are you running C6 in 64 bit mode along with some 32 bit pluggins? (thinking out loud)

Hi, the only software on the comp is C6.5 and Saffire mix control, nothing else…strangely I dont get dropouts if I play music from youtube…can’t figure it, Kevin

Quick test: use the std windows audio driver - yes, the one with higher latency. Do you still experience drop outs?

Sorry if you’ve covered this already, but are you sure you don’t have a demo effect running that is going silent at some interval?

I’ve had a similar problem on a Fujitsu Siemens i5-based lap-top. Not sure if it’s relevant, but my drop-out issue is with a Focusrite Saffire 56. (and yes, I’ve been through their ‘use legacy driver on 64-bit Win7’ suggestions, without an improvement)

It happens to some degree or other with a number of different FireWire devices (similar effects with an M-Audio FireWire 410), yet using USB interfaces or the onboard audio works just fine.

I have another (Dell XPS M1730) laptop, where these firewire interfaces both work 100% OK (also under Win7-64-bit)

It definitely seems to be related to FireWire chipsets and/or interrupt conflicts, yet DPC latency checker doesn’t seem to give the helpful pointers I was expecting. The on-board firewire doesn’t even get going at all, whilst connecting via various PCMCIA/Express cards have all shown signs of life, yet suffer from n-second drop outs. (yes, they all have TI chipsets)

Sadly, for me this has meant that I;ve had a lap-top for a year or so that I can’t use for multi-channel recording projects…CPU and RAM usage are both satisfyingly low, yet still I get these drop-outs.

Sorry if this isn’t helpful, but every little snippet of relevant symptoms should help us to get to the bottom of this eventually. I do think that there’s more chance of getting a solution via Focusrite, rather than Steinberg.

Hi, So it turned out to be a problem with focusrite drivers for the pro 24…after uninstalling and re installing a few times the problem has gone…so I think it’s save to assume that they were the problem…since the pro 24 wasn’t exactly designed with 64 bit in mind I think an upgrade is due…any suggestions ?..thanks to everybody, Kevin

I was just going to ask about this. I use the focusrite saffire pro 40 and I’ve been having drop outs ever since I updated to Cubase 6.5. I’ve been able to fix it once by shutting everything down including my computer and restarting completely, but if it continues I’ll try reinstalling my driver. Please update if the problem starts up again.

Also I just noticed this:

I checked the settings in my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface mixer control settings, and I tried turning on the “Active Monitor Pad” and that has taken care of distortion I was having and it seems to have gotten rid of my drop out problems. Can you check and see if that is checked as a default in your newest update?

Hi, since re-install of the drivers everything’s been great, not a single dropout … I’m certain it was a problem with the focusrite drivers but can’t explain why the problem went away…I reckon a 64 bit system needs a 64 bit interface…regards, Kevin

So I’m of to buy a 64 bit interface…Kevin

Hi Sheldy…not sure if your talkin to me regarding the pro 40 cause I’ve got a pro 24 and it aint got no active monitor pad so can’t help you there…sorry, Kevin

Oh yeah, I was talking to you.
I just double checked your manual, and you are correct sir.

Sorry I couldn’t help you…Kevin

Another guy here with Audio drop outs and a Liquid 56. Just reistalled the drivers not sure if it works yet

On an average of once a year, I get dropouts, too.
And it’s always the harddisk. Sometimes CHKDSK solves the problem, sometimes I send it back and get a fresh HDD, until that one breaks. Hail backups!