It's the little things I have learned here

First I will admit I am no Power User by any stretch of the imagination. I only use Cubase as a hobbyist and write a few songs for my own enjoyment.

The other day I was browsing the threads in this forum and I saw a screenshot where someone had the events with the same name as their tracks i.e. oboe, strings. I had always thought that the event names only followed the original tracks name when created. I didn’t know the events could have their names changed separately. Yes, I know this is probably common knowledge that most people know how to do, but although I knew you could change a Tracks name, I didn’t know you could not only rename the events but I could also rename all the events on that Track by using a modifier key. I know many of you are probably doing a “face-palm” right now but for me this is huge.

Thanks for putting up with me,


Do you know to hold down the Shift key before hitting Enter when renaming the track?

Nice. I do now!