It's time for the annual thread to the admins...

…please let Glyn come back. :slight_smile:


Glyn may not want to come back but if he does, it’s BIG +1 from me.

IMHO, it was almost cruel to banish him for life in the first place, if that is what happened…not cool.



Who’s glyn and why is he banned? … :neutral_face: Kevin

He and another forum member were banned because they kept having political and religious discussions that got out of hand, despite several warnings from the mods.

If I remember correctly anyway, I never got too involved because both (especially Paul) were too stubborn to actually have a discussion with anyway.

Oh…thanks for the info…seems reasonable I suppose, if they wanna have religo/politico discusions should they not be on a forum that deals with that stuff?..thanks again strophoid…Kevin

thats right they should just right songs about

I’d like all the old dudes back too. But, it was weird to watch them both go down in flames even though they had to know the ban hammer was on the way … neither wanted to be the one to just quit responding. The internet is an odd place.

Got that right !!! but where would we be without it? none of us would be communicating musically which I for one apreciate very mucho!

Yes, bring back Glyn please. As others have said, he may not wish to, having being snubbed.

I recall reading numerous excellent critiques from Glyn when they were solicited by other users about their material. For that alone, we need him back. He was and is a very positive person.

On the other side of this, being outspoken is sometimes risky business. The mods were acting in what they considered the most equitable manner by banning both those gents. Fairness is in the mind of the thinker… that’s all I’ll say.

can he just re register?

Not with the same eLicenser key, which is what’s needed (unless they changed that with the new forum rollout) to get to the Lounge.

And I know he would love to come back. He still mentions to me on our Skype sessions that this was his lifesblood. But, he is also quick to add that from despair comes hope: he started writing literature since he had the time. And other good things have happened to him that he says he suspects should be attributed to the fact that he didn’t have the forum to frequent.

Still, I agree that his critiques of people’s musical submissions were some of the best due to the incredible amounts of detail he put into each one.

Yup. No dongle needed to register. Just sign up.

If you can get him to sign up again, names he should probably avoid would be something along the lines of

“Where’s Paul”



I say allow RiffWraith to come back. :exclamation:

Noooo… :astonished: :wink: .

Who are you to say that, 850+ posts newcomer ??? :unamused: