It's time to get Cubase in Phase

Phase is such an important part of mixing I believe there should be a phase switch on every track in the Cubase Mixer. It used to be there in previous versions, but somewhere along the line it was removed, which I find baffling. I would like to see the venerable phase switch returned to it’s rightful place, and better yet, make it “Variable Phase” so we can rotate the phase incrementally. So, if you press the button it does the standard 180 flip, or you can hold and drag for incremental degrees of phase rotation. I think many engineers would be very impressed with a handy feature like this per track, right there next to the fader.
And I’m aware that it’s possible to show the phase button in the rack, but it comes with all the HPF/LPF - Gain sliders and it just takes up too much screen real estate.
And why not add a phase switch to each Send destination? There are many useful applications for flipping the phase on a per send basis.
Thanks for reading.

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You can find it in the MixConsole and the Channel Settings window in the Pre section. Search for the Phase button please.

See more details in the manual.

Of course, you can also invert the Phase in the Info line after clicking to the Audio Event. More details in the manual.

You can also use Direct Offline Process > Phase.

Every track type has a phase switch in its pre section. Send destinations (group or FX tracks) as well.

I can’t find one.

Hi Martin, I know all this. In my post I stated the problems with it. I know how to adjust phase in Cubase, the problem is workflow.

And variable phase adjustment per track, next to the fader? Doesn’t sound interesting to anyone? lol

I know this and it’s not what I’m talking about.

Pity. One technique is to create separation between two competing instruments in a mix using comb filtering. But you need to flip the phase on one of the instruments’ sends in order to pull it off.

I didn’t think this would be such a hard sell, lol. Phase is so important to achieving a tight, punchy mix, why would you resist enhancing workflow in regard to phase. And a variable phase rotation dial? C’mon man, that’s brilliant :slight_smile:

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I think what MFalcore is saying is that he know where to activate the phase on the track.
But he is asking an other phase invertion but this one only on the send.

Dan Worrall mad recently 2 videos on Youtube about a “Separator Trick” using comb filtering to resolve conflict frequency when 2 instruments are playing in the same range frequency.

In his exemple for the routing he have 2 track instrument and 1 bus Comb Filter.
-First instrument send to bus Comb Filtering
-Second instrument send to bus Comb Filtering (send invert phase but we only want this send to be invert not the track so the filtering only apply to the Bus Comb Filtering)

So actually for that purpose in Cubendo we need to create a dedicate bus to receive the send that need to be inverted and then route it to the bus Comb Filtering.

Send with invert phase in few cases and especially for sound design purpose is very interesting, group track in Cubendo make it possible but if we could get rid of those extra click and routing :wink:


Ya, that’s pretty much what I’m talking about, thanks for clarifying. Although I’d prioritize putting the phase switch back where it should be, which is beside every fader. I don’t know whose idea it was to hide the phase button away, but I think Steinberg should reconsider this move. There’s a reason pretty much every professional mix console is designed this way. Phase is SO essential, not only when mixing muti microphone signals, but when layering percussive samples and doing complex parallel processing. At the very least, allow us to customize the fader zone to include or exclude phase.
And to push the design forward let’s get that variable phase rotation dial.

I agree with MFalcore. Looking at pro gear, mixers or preamps, the phase button is always handy. I have no idea why Steinberg buried this control. Could you imagine an engineer at a pro studio using a $100,000+ Neve board having to navigate/expand the console just to find the phase switch? Do they assume everyone using Cubase is recording keyboards into the DAW?

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I agree, a phase dial per channel would be super interesting and one I fully support.

I’m used to seeing the phase flip button by the input gain control or EQ section.

“If the mountain will not come to Muhammad…”
Perhaps you are not taking full advantage of the many workflows in Cubase?

Screen real estate is always a concern no matter how big your screens are. I feel you.
But there are so many ways to overcome that in Cubase. Utilizing the 4 separate mixers, visibility configurations, PLE… And pretty much everything can be assigned keyboard shortcuts.

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No. Nor would they expect to have an unlimited number of audio channels, 256 group channels, 256 VCA faders, etc.
Why can’t you set up one of the 4 available mixer views to always show the phase button? I fail to see the issue tbh.


I would agree with you if the phase button wasn’t lumped in with Gain/HPF/LPF. It takes up too much room onscreen. If I could customize the mixer to only show phase flip then I’d be happy with that. It’s really not that much to ask for, and it wouldn’t take much time at all for Steinberg to implement.

The freedom of a digital environment should allow the phase switch to be MORE accessible, not the opposite. The brilliant engineers who came before you and I recognized the importance of phase coherency. It’s just as important as Mute and Solo, and should be integrated into the standard Cubase mixer.

Setup an entire separate mixer just for checking phase? Thanks, but I’d rather have it easily accessible. Imagine having a separate mixer dedicated to muting tracks. lol.
I get it, you probably don’t think about phase very often. But I do, and the feature request wouldn’t take any time at all to implement and it wouldn’t take away from your Cubase experience. It might even improve your mixes if Phase flip was more visible in the Console. Out of sight, out of mind.

You make a lot of assumptions my man.

Heheh, to be fair I only made one assumption about you :wink:
But, if I offended you I do apologize.

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:grin:Nah I’m not easily offended. I’m too old for that. Plus you brought some good ideas to the table and I appreciate that.

Thanks man, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Nothing is buried. He is arguing with bullshit.

Phase switch is toggled once in a while and if you have to do it on a regular basis, something is wrong with your environment or your workflow.
It’s the same as adjusting track volume with the input gain.
It works, but it’s not the way to do it.

All in all, it is a senseless discussion.
Implementing an obvious phase switch will lead to much more support requests about the use and the magic behind it, even if there is no magic.

Not for the people who know what they do.

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I don’t know where your negativity is coming from, but I certainly don’t have any time for it. Have a nice life.


With the new Midi API and the midi remote you can assign every button & key you have on every of your midi controllers, to control every menu command and option inside Cubase.

It was already possible before with generic remote but Cubendo 12 make the steps configuration much much much easier and faster than before and probably over the other DAW at the moment.

At the end your finger on the midi buton (phase flip) of your controller will be much faster than your mouse targeting the virtual buton inside Cubase. :slightly_smiling_face:


I see this is an old topic, and maybe it’s been brought up elsewhere too, but I agree wholeheartedly. I believe you can do this without opening a separate window in Reaper and Logic. It’s just a button on the mixer channel. It should at least be an option to add it, since other things like read/write automation can be added or taken away from your channel display on the vertical list in the upper middle zone as you see fit. I probably have some of the terminology wrong here, but y’all get what I’m saying.

Point being that at least in 10.5 (which is what I’m running), you have to open the MixConsole, add the “Pre” section to the list of what is displayed (since it’s not in the default setup???), then scroll to where it is and flip the phase. Three steps instead of one, and for a new user it’s actually a bit difficult to find. Ease-of-use is something that Cubase has if you know where stuff is, but not right away. If it’s a button (or a dial as OP suggests) on the channel when you first create the track, there’s no hunting, no futzing around with menus, you just click the button that looks like an O with a slash through it like you do in the analog domain and in other DAWs. Boom.

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