It's time to say thank you

I speak for myself but I am very happy with version 13.0.30.

Cubase works perfectly and I can devote myself to what I love : making music.

So thank you Steinberg for Cubase. I’ve been following you since the first versions on Atari ST and so I have enough perspective to appreciate how far you’ve come… Thank you!


I see it exactly the same way, and I’ve been with it since the first version as well. The same goes for me with Dorico and WaveLab.


I’m quite pleased with the update, too, and know that it’s only going to improve with future updates. So yes, thank you Steinberg/Yamaha folks for listening to and making changes on behalf of your loyal customers.

I’ve only been using Cubase since 2022, but I’m impressed with the company response and the changes you made to what must be a code monster by now.


Thank god , nobody else has complaints.

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Yes Steinberg good job!
System is stable, and there is not a single issue for me.
There will always be complaints, but what I can tell you is that 99% of the problems that I had were either bios, hardware, driver related or third-party applications.

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I’ ve been happy with Elements v11 since it was released . I can’t see a reason to update or buy in any deeper.

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I’ll say a big thank you as well. I use Cubase every day, and despite its bugs and quirks (like any sufficiently complex software will have), let’s step back for a moment and admire the incredible value it brings!

For a few hundred dollars, you now have the capabilities of a well-equipped recording studio running on your computer, something that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago, allowing pretty much everybody to make music without spending thousands of dollars of renting studio time.


How dare you show your appreciation by using perspective and context to make your point! I demand you retract your positivity immediately! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: