It's Weird Being Rich

Recorded this a while back with my best friends spending a long weekend at my house.

I tried to sing a duplicate of the main vocal after listening to Pet Sounds. It sounds like Brian did a lot of this on that recording.

nice story, made me laugh again!! good pro sound on this and nice instrumentation, sounds like the opening music to an American sitcom…your subjects are so diverse…need to see if I can get my lyrics to go in a more diverse direction,

Enjoyed this very much. Quality musicianship all around, especially liked the guitar playing, a touch of Mark Knopfler style. Well recorded and engineered.


Love it ,it’s like a cross between Frank Zappa and Steely Dan .excellent recording .the guitars and all the instruments sound faultless. Well done.

I like all your stuff. Could you reveal your setup? I hear the strat(s)… are you miking an amp, if so which one? Or, are you using Guitar Rig or similar? (I admit that’s what I’m doing… got better results than miking any of my amps lately).

One of the best songs i have heard on here !! Well done man. You totally understand Form, Construction, Harmony and Melody.

Its basically a 24 x bar blues in which (towards the end of each cycle) uses a flat 6 chord instead chord 5, and a flat 2 chord instead of chord 4. And yes there is a strong Steely Dan influence.

Love your keyboard player and his licks !!

Really well mixed.

Good work. :mrgreen:

what can I say???..excellent!

Really appreciate the comments everybody.

For this song I recorded my strat directly into a Bad Cat Trem Cat with an SM57. Bass, and keys went direct into my mr816. I think JT is using Native instruments B4 for the organ parts.

The keyboard player is John JT Thomas who has been with Bruce Hornsby for 20+ years and tours occasionally with Rita Coolidge and Albert Lee. Back in the 70s he played with Captain Beefheart and recorded on the recently re-released Captain Beefheart record Bat Chain Puller. We grew up together out in California in the desert along with the drummer Rick Lonow.
We all live in different parts of the country now but get together every couple of years to record and drink scotch. The bass player, Don Hacker, lives here in Atlanta and we do gigs occasionally around town.

This is brilliant Joe :laughing:

I really enjoy your posts on this forum, I always know the musicianship is going to be second to none!! Production is super tidy as well.

Anyway, keep well and keep the good tunes flowing :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

Dammmmm great stuff

Going to be in Atlanta Saturday and then going to see Braves-Cubs Sunday for my birthday. Need to hook up one day

Would like to touch base also. Tomorrow I’ll be out of town all day for a wedding gig. What time is the game Sunday?

That sounds like so much fun. It comes across in the song.

This is beautiful stuff. Great playing and great production. I was fascinated to read you use an SM57 for the guitar because I thought the guitar sound was so delicate and detailed - I’ve recently bought an SM57 and I’ve not got anywhere near that depth of tone. I’m looking forward to your next reunion!


I think afternoon game gonna drive back right after, have a gig Monday in nashville :slight_smile: We will hook up I have family there and a couple of lost musician friends there to lol

Excellent work. Great guitar tones, and I loved the vocal harmonies. I added you as a favorite artist!
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Rocker.

My thoughts too, a well crafted song. Very well done.

Great song, recording, and performances (the Trifecta :sunglasses: . Okay, now THIS is BY FAR the BEST sounding recording I have heard this afternoon as I’ve sat here auditioning a couple dozen of the chaps’ songs. Of course, this is due to your skills as a player, recordist, and mixer. But I am also guessing that you’re using the premium Soundclick service, which allows tunes to be streamed at 320kps mp3’s. I would bet serious money on this! I cannot stress enough how much using that quality of mp3 for one’s streamed music enhances (actually, preserves) the innate quality of one’s recordings. :sunglasses:

Don’t know what to say, but thanks.

I am not using premium soundclick, just the regular free version.

Should have taken him up on that bet. :stuck_out_tongue: