It's working better now

C9 is working better now, 44.1Khz seems to be the best setting on Windows at least, even with a dodgy Win 8.1 driver.

I feel the next update will make it even better.

Microsoft has just released a Cumulative Update:

which corrects some MIDI issues in regard to latency using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) MIDI API.

Which is not much good if you are on Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 is an inplace upgrade of 8.1.

Yes that is true. However after the inplace upgrade to Windows 10 F****d up my laptop I was never going to trust it with my music machine. A week later after a clean install I managed to get it working again. This without a fraction of the software, samples and projects on my music machine. Plus I did not have another week or two to spend doing a clean install for unknown benefit. You probably have a new computer or a lean installation. I don’t want to get into an argument, but there are many reasons why people choose not to upgrade the operating systems.

More often than not it has to do with stability. If a system is working fine you leave it. Especially if you are mid-project. Many users jump into upgrades with great haste and repent at leisure.

Hi silhouette,

I had an pre-configured installation on a laptop, which became corrupt so I put in a new hard drive and installed Windows 10 from the Microsoft website which installed Windows 10 Home that I was then able to “upgrade” to professional since my certificate is embedded in the UEFI BIOS so was painless for me.

I’ve never used C9 with Win8.1 but admittedly my experience with C9 was quite poor with Windows 10 but after this last MS cumulative update, things are going fine notwithstanding anything SB has released.

Actually I had to do the same with my laptop. My music computer is working well - much better now I have updated my graphics card drivers. Which has got rid of the occasional dropout. Ahhh the trials of being a computer musician!!!