iTunes file sharing wav files not accepted into audio folder

Hello -
I’m using cubasis on an iPad and attempting to use file sharing to put wav files on the iPod for use in cubasis projects.

The wav files are 16 bit, 44100 wav format (exported from Ableton).

After selecting cubasis under the “Apps supporting File Sharing” section of the iPad device interface in iTunes, i click “Add…” and select the wav files. They then appear in the ‘root’ of the Cubasis section - meaning, they are NOT auto-sorted into the ‘audio’ folder under cubasis.

Is anyone else having this problem - and if so know why, and if there’s a fix or workaround?


Hi variantboy,

Normally, imported audio files (such as WAV) should appear in the “My audio files” folder under MediaBay/Audio.
Is this the case at your end?


Thanks for the response.

No - i do not see the file(s) when looking at the media bay in Cubasis on the iPad.

The problem is occurring in iTunes on the MAC.

Step by step :
Connect the iPad to the MAC
Launch iTunes
While using iTunes…
Select the iPad’s icon from top left
Select ‘Apps’ from under the iPad device entry in the left sidebar
Scroll down to the section that lists apps that support file sharing
Select ‘Cubasis’ (from list of apps on left)
(To the right a window appears that lists several ‘folders’/‘directories’, one of which is named ‘Audio’)
I click the ‘Add…’ button and from the resulting dialog, choose a WAV file (44100, 16bit)
I click "Ok/Choose’
The audio file (from reading the instruction manual) is supposed to be automatically placed in the “audio” folder/directory
It is not.
The file is listed along with the folders/directories (as if it were at the same level as those directories) in the file system, instead of INSIDE the audio folder.
The file is not viewable or available from within Cubasis on the iPad.

My workaround is to bring the files into iTunes as if they were just songs… and import into Cubasis via iTunes… one at a time.
A lot more cumbersome than what the manual suggests is the way it should work

Hi Variantboy,

Gave it a short check (MBP, macOS 10.13.3, iTunes, Cubasis 2.3.1, iOS 11.2.2), where things work as expected.
In my test, the audio files (WAV 44.1kHz, 24-bit) correctly appear in the “My audio files” (Media/Audio) folder.

Did you click the “Sync” button in iTunes File Sharing to start the WAV file transfer from your Mac to the iPad/Cubasis?

In case the problem persists, please provide me with a few WAV examples, that fail at your end, so we can give it a repro at our end.