iTunes import lets Cubasis crash and restart

Hi there,

I just installed the latest Cubasis version from the AppStore two days ago (iPhone Xs Max) and tried out the iTunes import feature. Sadly, Cubasis 3 only seems to crash, restart and then change the current projects sample rate to 48kHz. This can‘t probably be right?

Looking very much forward to a fix, cause I really wanted this feature for practicing purposes.

Thanks in advance!


PS. Same on iPhone 6s

Hi shaltan,

Thank you for your message.
If possible, please create a short video about the problem, and share it with me via DropBox (download link via private message).


Hi Lars,

I sent you the link. I have 3 different behaviours now:

  1. crash, reopen and set to 48kHz
  2. crash only
  3. crash, reopen and nothing more like in the video

iOS version is 13.3.1 btw



Hi Micha,

Thank you for your support.

We are able to reproduce the problem, and the issue has been added to our bugbase.
Since the next maintenance update is short to be released, evaluating the problem for a possible fix will have to wait for the update after this.