I've been going mad for years on this: Mute vs Solo behavior

Hi - SX3 here.

I’ve never been able to predict what will happen when I hit a mute vs. solo on a track - much less get it to behave like a hardware mixer.

What I mean is - I kind of expect if I hit the red “S” for solo button, all other tracks will get muted.

Or, if I hit the yellow “M” for mute button, only that track will get affected.

But instead what happens, I believe is that the red “S” button can be lit on multiple tracks - more like on “on” button than a “solo” (= “one!”) button.

And hitting the yellow "M"ute button on one track, can sometimes (randomly, it seems?) affect other tracks “M” and “S” buttons.

I’m sure I’ve messed something up, probably deep in a preference setting somewhere. Does anyone know how I can get back to sort of normal, hardware mixer-type behavior?


I just reset mute/solo globally using the global mute/solo buttons.

Now C6 supports solo defeat.

Maybe someone with some experience with this feature can chime in.

This seems to be intended behaviour, I get it too and I’ve heard more people complain across many different versions of Cubase.
Thing is, on a hardware mixer the solo button doesn’t affect your main outs at all, just the monitor out. That’s not the same as in cubase because you only use a main output. (I do anyway, I’m not familiar with the behaviour of solo/mute when using the control room for different outputs.)

I usually have to fiddle with the mute/solo controls as well to get what I want, but the global mute/solo are usually timesavers when things start acting weird again.

Thanks Brains and Strophoid.

At one point my global mutes were functional, now they act as if they are disconnected from everything. I guess I need to find a way to reset them back to “factory status” without messing up everything else.

If anyone else has any ideas, please chime in!

Trash preferences (backup needed config files)

Thanks Brains, but not quite sure what you mean. If it’s that I should trash my preferences, I think it would be really hard to rebuild them … I’d be afraid I’d wind up in a worse position than I am. Config files … I don’t think I know about those …

I went through the preference files once or twice looking for a mute control option, but I think there was a certain amount of eye glazing going on … I’ll check through again. If anyone happens to know where those might be, please post here!

Thanks -

Sure, trashing prefs might mean work but actually I don’t have any to worry about :sunglasses:

Basically I use the app “out of the box” and don’t touch anything if I can help it.

Probably sounds extreme but it would seem those guys at dev hq actually use the app and have set it up quite well and seem rather open to making changes to default settings when necessary.

Besides anything else, it’s mostly based on XML so is quite easy to edit if you need to, eg generic remote files but some things are simple rescans like VST lists, others such as key commands need the file to be backed up.


To close the loop - I’ve learned recently how to do this: Hit CTRL- when clicking the track solo button - I think it might have to be clicked twice - then it works just as a true solo button - all other tracks are muted.