I've bought Cubase 11 Pro and DA doesn't activate my license

So as the title says I just bought Cubase 11 Pro, received my key, opened the Download Assistant, inserted key and keep receiving an error for hours now…
When I opened the DA it updated eLCC but even eLCC it’s not working properly…

This is not acceptable at all for a “Pro” software, specially when it’s going on for years now.

Ever since 10.5 I can’t trust Steinberg…
What happened?
You guys used to be on point, nowadays it’s like you’re not even trying…disappointed in this update, hope that by the end of the year something changes.

Oh well, S1 keeps looking better and better by the day.

Seeing the same issues here. Sounds like they really botched this launch in a big way.

Purchased the update from 10.5 to 11, got the activation code in an email, tried to enter it into the download assistant and am seeing the same error listed above. When trying to enter it into the eLicense control center I get an error saying the software needs to be updated (it’s the current version)… This is a mess.

I get failed download try again, network server problem, corrupt file cannot download.
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\pkOotZtS.exe.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.
Im done Ive been at it for hours and nothing works its as if the files I am downloading are not complete grrrrrrr I dont have time for this.

Same here … another notch in the belt of 2020.