I've got question about its function about make into system

As you can see from the pic which I attached, I have tired to make each flow single line. but whenever I try to do it, only the first flow of the page, is not working. I’m sure you know about the function ‘make into system’.

I mean It doesn’t work for the first flow.

I would appreciate if you help me about this issue.

(add, other several flows have same problem sometimes.)

Delete the system break on the second system. Click on the first system break and click “wait for next system break” in the bottom panel.

I tried the way what exactly you’ve said, but it still doesn’t work. I checked the panel and it already active. Could you tell me other ways to solve this problem?

There is no other way to solve this, at least not without some goofiness. (Note: this is essentially the same thing as “make into system,” which just adds breaks and sets “wait for next…” all in one action).

You could try deleting the system break at the very beginning, and add a frame break instead. Then try “wait for next frame break.”

You’ll need to post the file. Are you sure you have the correct toggle selected? I’m not convinced you’re doing it correctly, no offense. It’s a very reliable method!

Uh… Thanks,
(add new system break) and( toggle on wait for next system) after (Delete system break) is doesn’t work, but

(add frame break) and (toggle on wait for next system break) is work.

I can’t understand why but It works. Thank you very much Mr.dankreider.

here are the file if you want to check.
Henri Challan 380.zip (611 KB)