I've got spikes in cubase pro 12

ive got maximum peak at te audio performance …even with one track of pad shop or key scape
or omnisphere …spikes on audio at 128 buffer size.
my system is
asus prime h570 plus
i5 11400f
ram 16 gb 2400mhz ddr4 one slot
interface zen go
windows 11 update
cubase 12.0.60

It could be quite a lot of things so First thing i would do is run Latency mon And this should point you in the direction of what’s causing the issue . Just follow the instructions
Resplendence Software - LatencyMon: suitability checker for real-time audio and other tasks

Thanks… i didnt know aboud this tool
Ok i’ll run it & send the result here.

Have you done a search on optimising a pc for audio? There are lots of things that could be a problem

I just search it online and asked some people with exprieneces, also heard asus main boards with intel cpus are compatible for audio…
About ram im not sure … maybe 2600 mhz is week

2600 is not the fastest 3200 upwards would suit better but older machines run perfectly fine on 1600 ram , have you set the XMP profile in your bios to auto ?
Is this a dedicated DAW or a general purpose computer ?
I don’t own Omni but i hear it’s quite a cpu resourceful plugin , again run Latency mon look at the apps that are running and note what causes a spike into the red and you should be able to go from there , it might just be a bios update , driver update or disabling ALL background apps to make it run more smoothly

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