I've got the feeling ........

That a Cubase 10.5… Update is on the way :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :mrgreen: :nerd: :ugeek:

An apology letter, or an update?

Sure. If not this month, it might be next or the one after that. And then it starts to smell like a eleven.

I agree,

but you have to give Steiny a lil more ‘rope’ because of this Corona-virus thang.

This entire planet (well maybe not Sweden) has slowed down a bit.


HI Curteye glad to see you made Moderator :wink:

i have no problems with the current version , i’m just going by history , yep , they can take as long as they like , it’s a tough world out there at the moment . Glad your all safe .

what a bold prediction :smiley:

I didn’t see this coming at all :unamused:

I always welcome updates, looking forward to it. I hear some strong voices many users are having big issues, are you one of them since you seem hyped for the update? the only problem I have is with shut down and especially since I started to use VST Transit more actively

Do you know when there will be an update of VST Transit too maybe? you got any feelings :wink: ?

I’d more expect to see the Eleven to rise and then the final 10.5.21 update

A competitor of Steinberg released already 2 maintenance and new feature updates after the new version was presented (within few months), So it seems you can still work on your products with dedication and the right staff…if you want to…

Ohhhhh Scheduled down time tomorrow , so could it be …