I've just tried Cubase 13 as a demo

I’ve just tried Cubase 13 as a demo in order to assess what Nuendo 13 would be like if I went for it. I honestly think that there are improvements in the interface, despite its inconsistency of styles (new square corners, old rounded ones, here flat, there with shadow, etc) peculiar to Cubendo. The big problem, the real problem, is the stubborn insistence on a strong contrast in the dark version of the interface between the dark background and the total white of the typography (bold no less!), along with the choice to pass everything through this mill, without thinking about the nuances needed to graphically represent the different information that shares the same space.

For contrast that’s too strong, like a freeway in the rain at 3 a.m., I think that the option of a light grey interace attenuates the 100% white of the typefaces in a more or less acceptable way. That’s what I’d do if I went to N13. As for the total white uniformity of all the icons, nothing can correct that except the Cubendo team, whom we humbly beg, once again, to help our poor eyes, at least those that need it (with options).

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There is already a very long discussion on this over in the Cubase forum.

tl;dr Steinberg is working on changes for a future maintenance release.

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Yes, but here the perspective is Nuendo. I’m only using C13 because N13 is not yet available as a demo. But your link is useful, thank you.