I've lost ALL VST Instruments used!

Hi all,

This is not the first time, it’s the third time in two days. I’m finishing a big work with my trustable orchestral template made in N5. I’ve not used it for a time and now, with N5.5 i’ve lost all the VSTi connections and instruments TWICE in 24 hours. I’ve had this issue long time ago, but not lately.

I’m pretty sure that SB has to do something with this kind of issues (and with corrupted projects too) very soon.

N5.5 works awesome when it works, but it has some project-related quirks that need to be fixed!!
It’s a very big template, so I’ll have to rework EVERYTHING, despite of I have to manage to fix this now and soon!

I can’t repro this when I want. It just happens. Not too often, but it’s not the first time.


First I would suggest to make safety copies of your hard work. Why don’t you have backups of your templates?

Great suggestion. I use to have backups of almost everything, but this. After the storm, tomorrow I will rework my template. This piss me off big time, but, you know…