I've lost my cd of cubase le 6 in Scarlett Studio

Hello. I own a Scarlett Studio package and a cd (cubase le 6) came with the package. After searching I realise that i have lost the cd. I have reset my computer and losted my software (cubase le 6). I was wondering if it is possible to download or restore it. I had registered my software ( Cubase ) on the website of steinberg and my scarlett studio is registered on the page of focusrite. I dont wanna use pirate software. I liked the original cubase that i owned. I hope that someone here could hel pe (sorry about my english)

You should be able to download cubase from the ‘my account’ page on focusrite.com. It’s there if you’ve registered your Scarlett studio.

What if I did not register on focusrite site?

Sent you a PM

Thank you

Thanks much Jeff!