I've lost my Steinberg ID...

I’ve lost my My Steinberg ID and whenever I try to register my Cubase 10.5 onto one of other Steinberg ID’s it says it’s already been registered by another user.
Please help.
Richard Steed

Exact what have you lost? All off your email and id and dongle? Did you buy it online?

Everytime I try to register a new MySteinberg ID and try to register my activation code it says that the elicenser has already been registered by another user, and yet , although I have the elicenser with the activation code on it and can run Cubase 10.5 now, I have NEVER registered this code with a MySteinberg ID account. I’m trying to create a new My Steinberg account but it says that the activation code is already registered with another user and that user is me. The thing is is that I don’t even think I’ve already registered this activation code with a MySteinberg ID so far.

It’s the USB key that’s registered, and it can be done right from the ELC. So it’s not specifically the ‘activation code’.

You must have created an account previously, so try to figure out what email you used, I suppose.

I guess that you when you register the license it goes to the dongle that has an account. Have you registered your dongle with your steinberg account?

Is there an echo in here? lol

I can’t figure out what e’mail I used. That is the problem. So I cant register a new Steinberg account with the e-licenser and activation code because I’ve lost the registered account with the registered activation code in the e-licenser.

Yes. And I can’t figure out what account it was.

Buy a new USB dongle, register new dongle to your new account, move licenses to new dongle
and “Update eLicenser License Database” in the eLicenser Control Center software.

It won’t let me register new dongle to new new Stein berg because I keep getting the error message 'Activation Code already registered to another account, and that I’ve lost all the details of that other account that the activation code is registered too.

The activation can only be used once, when you put the license on the dongle.
That activation key is now burned, and can never be used again.

Don’t know if you can drag the license from one dongle to another if they are not registered to the same user. I would suspect Not, it would be to easy to steal a dongle and move all licenses to a new dongle.
Contact support and explain your situation

That won’t achieve anything.
If I did swap the license over to another dongle it wouldn’t achieve anything because everytime I try to login to a different Steinberg ID account and register my license, it would say the license is already registered to a different steinberg account.
I’m going to need Steinberg to tell me what e-mail address the MySteinberg account is registered to so I can log in to that and delete that account so I can register the activation or license code with my main Steinberg account.
Remember, I must have several MySteinberg accounts and one of them is the one that has the license code, the account I no longer have the log in for because I have lost it.
Do you understand me now?

Only Steinberg Support can look up your account based on the dongle number…

I experienced the same problem … what is the solution… Help me…

As above, the solution is Steinberg support if you really don’t know what email you registered your dongle with.

As previously mentioned… contact Steinberg support.


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