I've never understood this media bay thing

I want to load my own, user created FX chain presets (Inserts) via the mix console but they’re buried in a list of those pre-installed Steinberg ones. How do I hide the chaff?
If I open “Media Bay” via the menu bar (or by pressing F5) the Media Bay window appears and I can click “User Content” over on the left. This filters out all the chaff that installs along with Cubase.
However, if I click “Load FX Chain Preset” via the mix console, a SORT OF Media Bay window appears but there’s no “User Content” thing to click on. Is this window even called “Media Bay”? I mean, the mere sight of it turns me sick and reduces me to tears just like Media Bay but it’s different so I’ve no idea what search term to use in the user manual.

There are other ways to make your presets easier to find but you can just rate them something, then sort the MediaBay by rating. None of the stock FX Chain Presets are rated.

The window you’re looking at is called Preset Browser.

Thanks. I have done that as it happens but I occasionally forget to add a 5* rating and lose my preset.
I’ve just noticed that the “Load Track Preset” has a “Location Tree” tick box which is great but again, its “a bit like, but not quite” the “File Browser” in Media Bay. Media Bay itself being “a bit like, but not quite” the “Sound Browser” and the “Loop Browser”. To seasoned users who have worked all this stuff out it’s just second nature but to myself (and many others I expect), it’s a jumble of different systems and inconsistencies. It’s not just confusing to understand. It makes it very difficult to know what search terms to use, even if I was to consult the manual.

I always name my presets for everything preceded by an exclamation point like: !PresetName. Then they will always be at the top of an alpha sort.

Part of the problem when using the location tree is the fact that Steinberg has changed the Media Bay behavior. I think the change was with C7 but not sure.

Anyway, the change is that now when you open Cubase, the Media bay does an automatic scan of every user folder. With the automatic scan, it also by default will check any box that you have purposely unchecked. The result is more mouse-clicking and taking time to navigate and filter out things that should have already been filtered out, had there been no auto scan.

They know about this. It’s by design, but I can’t think of any logical explanation other than it sort of “dumbs down” media bay for inexperienced users. Personally, when I want something left unchecked, there is a good reason for that.

+1 for that simple technique
or use your “name” to then identify only yours