I've tried many solutions but i'm still not getting any sound. Looking for advice

Hi! I’m new to Dorico and i was loving it on my mac, but now that i’m trying to install it on my pc i’m getting no sound.

I checked so the library seems to be loaded and it looks right:

I also checked to see if everything got downloaded right in the download assistant and everything was at 100%

When i hit play the marker moves but there is no sound and there is no signal coming from the instruments.

There is also no sound while inputing notes.

And i checked to see if i got any sound when playing the keybard in Dorico and i didn’t.

I did everything that i could find out through the problem solving video but it didn’t help so now i’m reaching out and i hope that someone out there is better at this than me.
A huge thanks to anyone who can suggest anything that might help!!

Hi @EmanuelSpader and welcome to the forum.

Have you tried resetting the Playback Template?

Edit > Device Setup ?

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I just tried it but it didn’t fix it.
The playback template that’s chosen is HSSE+HSO+GASE (pro), if that is good to know.
But this feels closer to what the problem is than say fixing what speakers are chosen, because of the fact that there is also no signal showing up in the instruments or the output bar in the mixer when i press play.
Thank you for trying to help!

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This is worth watching to start with:

Check Device Setup. What audio interface are you running?

Adding to what Andro wrote:
In the Device Setup dialog, are there actually output ports shown?
And6if you are using the built-in sound chip together with the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver, then please watch the YouTube video that Andro posted the link for. It’s the section about exclusive access to the sound system.

Thank you for linking to this video!
I’ve gone through everything in it now but i get stuck on the 4th part
“Halion sonic installed and loading, but not hearing any sound” , because the guide leads you through checking so that the library is loaded, and then says
“If you see the library loaded that’s a good sign, and when you drag the mouse along the keys you should be able to hear the notes audition, and you should see the level meter light up as you play the notes”.
None of that happens, and then he goes on to other versions of the problem, which i looked through as well. It’s a good video but my version of the problem isn’t really in it.

The program looks like it’s working and the library looks like it’s loaded, but there’s no sound or visual feedback in the level meters.

This is what the setup looks like. I’m not sure if i’ve done this right, but even if i get the right output to work (as in headphones or speakers and so on) i doubt it would fix the problem because of the fact that Dorico doesn’t seem to respond to notes. There are no levels being triggered in the instruments or the output level meter. So i don’t think it’s an issue with the sound output from the program, but i could of course be wrong.

Rule one is - always listen to what Ulf says :slight_smile: So if he said anything different then ignore me I and I’m not claiming any quick answers ,

With that in mind, I’d try setting your device sample to 44100, to match your Dorico settings. And I’d also try with and without setting the “exclusive” box in the device settings.

Ok i’m getting there one step at a time! So after looking through your tips and tricks i’ve gotten to the point that i have sound in the left speaker :grin: and the device setup now looks like this:

As you can see it now says Mono output detected, and in the Stereo Output menu there’s nothing else than “Speakers (Realtek (R) Audio1” to choose. I’ve followed the instructions to fix this and managed to get to Signal Enhancements and it was Enabled, so i disabled it.
But even though i closed and opened it again the Setup still says Mono. I also pressed the Test button in the advanced sound menu just to check and that was in stereo. So the sound settings seem to be right.

If you see or know something that i totally miss then i’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks for all the help so far!

Ok and now it just works! I don’t know what i did or if it just took a while for the settings to change, but now it works and i’m not going to touch it, or even breath on it now just because i don’t want to brake it again :laughing:
Thank you all so much for the help! Looking forward to making music and checking the rest of the community posts!

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Hi @EmanuelSpader , sorry for joining the party late. I´m glad to hear that you´ve found the right knowledgebase article to help in your situation. Wasn´t it mentioned in the article to better restart Dorico?
But in the end it does not matter, you have sound, and that is most important.

And thanks to @gdball for underlining my authority on sound engine issues. :wink: