Ivory II VSTi 64 bit always hangs when I play a note.

Hello I recently update Ivory II from their website. And updated jbridge.

I don’t know if it something wrong with the VSTi’s in the 32 bit and 64 bit folder of the vsti plugins folders, but everytime I load the 64 bit Ivory II up and play a note it hangs. And freezes and the Cubase 6 64 bit shuts down. I don’t know why. I even tried jbridging it to but to no avail and it doesn’t open. For some reason it working fine before, but after a first crash it didn’t work again. Any ideas?

I use PlayVST Platinum Orchestra Pack + Choirs + Ministry of Rock and plugins Omnisphere + Izotope, and all those work find. Ivory seems to always crash. Even tried uninstalling it and installing the program.

It might have to do something with the libraries which I might have to delete and reinstall.

It also sent me this message:

Cubase Warnings (Thursday, July 02, 2015)
On loading: E:\R.E.A.L. G. Presents Travis Charles Balitz\Saved Projects\01 - 2uo7rax\01 - 2uo7rax\Saved Projects [2009-2015]\03 - Spiri7rax [2015]\08 - A Silver Lining [6-20-2015]\A Silver Lining 2-05.cpr

This mixer configuration expected “Ivory VST” to have Output 1: Stereo,
→ The instrument currently has Output 1: Mono, Output 2: Mono,
→ Change the instrument configuration before reloading this setup without saving the project.
→ Non-matching mixer channels will be removed!

Update it seems to be working okay, now but I will keep this message up if it seems to not work again or if anyone else had the same problems. Thank you.