IVP anomaly

I have setup and used IVP previously with no troubles.
Now I set it up and can hear sounds correctly routed during note entry – and when clicking individual notes in the score – but the IVP channel [Downstem Voice 1 in this case] doesn’t sound during playback. (It’s routed to NotePerformer.)

Can anyone shed light on this weirdness?

Not without poking around the actual project file, or seeing screenshots of the NP plug-in, the Play mode Track Inspector, etc, etc.

You Took Advantage Of Me.dorico (2.6 MB)
bar 41 is where the IVP voice begins

Ben, I’ve uploaded the file. Any clues on this?

If I change the channel to 8 (the Piano), then it plays back perfectly.

I note that the recorders all have an asterisk by their name in the Noteperformer VST.


Not sure what that means.

The asterisk in NP is to indicate that it is a change from the original setup. If on hits Reset, it goes away. Can’t help with the OP’s question, but this I can answer!

Figured out the problem. I created an Expression Map for the whistling section. Still don’t know why, but something about it prevented real-time playback.

Returned to the NotePerformer Expression Map for those channels, and it worked. Odd.

Thanks for looking into this.