Izotope and Cubase 9.5

Can anyone give me a complete and logical explanation about why Izotope plugins (Ozone and Neutron) are blacklisted by Cubase 9.5?

In my case both VST 2 and VST 3 versions were installed and it was the VST 2 versions that were blacklisted by Cubase although the VST 3 versions were working fine.

32 or 64 bit? Cubase blacklists 32 plugins.

Ah. Thanks, Swamptooth and spyder. Just panicked when I saw the Blacklist. They’re 64 bit, so I saw no reason for the blacklist, and under the dropdown in the Plugin Manager, they weren’t shown in “show plugins that support 64 bit processing.” Hopefully they’ll work when I get to the mix. Just switching from Sonar.