Izotope automation bug (on export)

So, I have found that if I have a plugin active at the beginning of a project, then defeated in the middle of the song, I must export in real time to make the export “read” the automation. I don’t know if this is just on izotope Vinyl (which is what made me realize the issue) or generally, but I haven’t noticed the behaviour before…

The strangest thing is that if I don’t use real time export, the state of the plugin depends on the state where my cursor is when I export, ie if it’s defeated at the cursor point it’ll be defeated the wole song through and if it’s active it’ll stay active.

Cubase 10.0.30.


Do you mean Bypass automation? I just tried with a few internal plug-ins and it works as expected. The automation is exported correctly.

Could you try with any internal plug-in, please?

I will try it in diffwrent ways as soon as I get to my daw👍

So, this only happens with Izotope plugins, but it hapens with all of them (all that I own I should add) and every time, nothing random about it at all. I will try on Cubase 9.5 now…
Edit: It’s the same in Cubase 9.5, so this probably means the issue is on the Izotope side…


Thank you for trying all these stuff around.

Yes, to me it sounds like isotope issue. Could you get in touch with them, please?

Keep us up to date here in this thread, please.

Here is the answer from Izotope:
"This is a known issue with Cubase as a host. Using real-time export is the best way to ensure that all data and audio are being written and converted smoothly for this host with some iZotope products at this time.

I will mark this in our system for the product QA and Dev teams to consider the next time they are working on product updates and bug fixes."

Thank you for sharing.