Izotope Neutron 3 trial in Cubase 10 pro, weird GUI behaviour

Hi everybody,

Has anyone here the same experience with Izotopes Neutron 3 (trial)

Installed Neutron 3 and started trial period, that went without glitches.

All Neutron 3 plugins are recognized by Cubase 10 (VST3) but are displayed in a bad low res/pixelled quality and can’t be controlled properly: the mouse cursor is kind of displaced approx. an inch to the lower right as to where it is supposed to be (!!!) when over any Neutron 3 plugin window.

The mouse cursor has to be placed that inch to the upper left of any control button/switch or GUI element if I want to click or grab it.
The mouse cursor is NOT where it appears to be. This is sooo weird!
Visual mixer looks and behaves as bad as all other Neutron 3 plug ins.
Relay only, though, looks sharp and crisp and can be controlled as it should.
All plug ins seem to do their work, when a button or control surface was succesfully clicked (after fumbling around somewhere in the area at the upper left of it).
The Izotope Mix Assistant Cubase project makes no difference.
Izotopes Vocalsynth 2 and Ozone 8 Trial work flawlessly and are displayed as intended, btw. as are all other Steinberg elements and plug ins.

Thank you all kindly for your feedback.


Windows 10, Cubase10 Pro, all drivers up to date, 4K Samsung screen, TC Konnekt 48 Audio Interface. No performance issues what so ever.

All good here. I would suspect a bad download. Are you using the isotope Product Portal for your install?

Sounds like a HiDPI issue.
Is HiDPI turned On in Cubase preferences ? (Restart probably needed)
What is the scaling set to in Win10 ?

Appreciate your response.
Bad download was my first suspect, so re-downloaded and re-installed.
And no, not via Izo Portal, used the neutron3.exe file.
As a matter of fact, the “Visual Mixer” still shows up in the Portal as it has not been installed yet, but
it is. I can hammer that install button, but it won’t change to “installed”

Yes, peakae, of course, that did it! Silly me.

Neutron 3 doesn’t play well with HiDPI “on” AND Windows 10 +scaling (was at 125%)
Now at 100% all is well. Thank you very much!

Will need some magnifier goggles to work now, with my nose glued to the 4K screen.
But gained additional real estate in the project window :laughing:

Hope they fixed that in the purchase release version.
Love that programm, will buy right away, plus the Ozone 8.