iZotope Neutron

So iZotope released Neutrino, which is a free VST that is meant to get people salivating over Neutron, which came out shortly thereafter. Neutrino was interesting, but I didn’t play much with it so I can’t say more than that.

However, I just watched the videos for Neutron. The frequency masking functionality alone makes this look like a good arrow in one’s quiver, especially when you combine this with inverse, dynamic EQ that is side-chained to another track.

Just bought it this morning as I was looking to buy Alloy 2 until I heard of and subsequently demoed Neutron.
It seems to do most of the same functions plus as you say the masking feature too.
Only been experimenting so far, but have to say I am very impressed.
As with all these things it will not fix a bad recording nor is it really a one click solution, but certainly great as a second opinion on what is going on with everything in your mix.
As with everything how extreme you go is down to you!

My main motivation was that I was looking for a channel strip type of thing and just find the current implementation of this in Cubase too clunky on a single screen as there is constant scrolling and opening/closing of windows.

If you have a full copy of anything from Izotope except the free stuff they are offering up to 50% discounts at the moment on Neutrino.



Haven’t spent too much time with it but like it so far, the compressors and limiter are clearly tweaked versions of the ozone ones, although they look very different, they sound and respond very similarly (which is no bad thing) the dynamic EQ is superb.