Izotope Ozone7 vst3 on blacklist?

Has anybody an idea why most of the Isotope Ozone 7 tools (vst3,64bit) are blacklisted from C9?
In C8.5 they do their work as expected…

This help to understand…: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/207348390-Plug-in-Sentinel-for-Cubase-9

Really?? I wanna know why too…

My cakewalk vsts are blacklisted

ahhh, i see… no more 32 bit

I’m on Windows. Here Ozone 7 vst2 got blacklisted, but vst3 and vst2.4 is accepted just fine.

good because most of the plugins I use, are 2.4s

In the information link, a VST 2.4 plugin is in the blacklist, why is that, if VST 2.4s are allowed through?

What about old projects using 32 bit plugins?

You will also discover EW Play is black listed, however I have been “reactivating” on C9 for weeks now and it works fine.

No blacklisted plugins here, that includes Ozone 7 and Play_VST, all good.

I guess the important question is, can they be easily un-blacklisted?

I don’t want to install C9 for $100 and find out that some plugin I paid $150 for won’t run.

Yes click on the link in the first post

All these found here too. The oddball was PSP’s Triple meter, I removed it from the list & it loads fine.

Triple Meter and PLay are giving me issues… ceemusic, are you saying you removed from your system or reactivated?

I’ll just add my 2 cents and say on Mac all the iZotope stuff clears plugin validation just fine.

Are these two really VST2?

So I just bought Cubase 9 and have been using the 32bit version of Cubase exclusively since version 5. Am I reading correctly that there is no way to use 32 bit plugins AT ALL with Cubase 9???

Yup. Apparentyl JBridge will work once they sort it out.

So this 64bit only is temporary?

My understanding from the earlier announcement is that 64 bit is it as far as Steinberg is concerned. A 3ed party adapter “may” work but not supported by Steinberg. I am losing some cherished plugins including Steinberg’s old Virtual Guitarist 2… :cry:

I used the reactivate button. Next time I opened my projects it loaded up.

Not for nothing but had I know this FEATURE was going to be implemented I wouldn’t have wasted $99.

EDIT. I have resolved my ignorance. All is well now wit C9.