Izotope Plugins Blacklisted

Surprised to see all my 64bit Izotope plugins on the Sentinel blacklist. Have others had this and if so do we just overide it?

Izotope plugins should work fine in Cubase 9.5. Make sure that you’re using the latest versions, and that the blacklisted plugins aren’t just redundant VST2 versions or DLLs.

The few plugins I have from Izotope are always listed in the blacklist but… they still show up as available and work fine. Weird…

There is a lot of discussion about it in this topic. Open it, then search for “Izotope”.


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This helped me sort it…
Chris (iZotope)
Oct 15, 11:21 AM EDT


I’m curious if you happen to have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 13? If so, we’ve seen DAW related issues like this caused by a supplemental update that Apple pushed out to all 10.12 Sierra users that broke scanning with several DAWs. If this is the case, do you have the option to update to High Sierra on your computer? This tends to be the fix for this.

Windows 10 and Mac Mojave … and all my iZotope plugins are blacklistet in Cubase Pro 9.5 and Pro 10 .
This ist not a vst2 problem …ist a iZotope dlls / dmg problem . :nerd: