iZotope RX 3 plugins sorting issue

See the screenshot

? So who is to blame - WaveLab or iZotope?

What’s wrong? the “3” digit?

Yes, it should be a part of the group name e.g. “iZotope RX 3”

To be precise it should look like this:


It must be a problem with the algorithm that finds “proper” sub folders by analysing the names.

…meaning WaveLab’s algorithm? Then I wonder why RX 2 names were found properly.

I know, this is strange. I will have to check.

Hello Johnny,

Lets just say this is not a Steinberg issue. If I said, “I was using Windows to edit audio” lets hope I meant the newest version (Windows 8,8.1), but if I wanted someone to know that I was not up-to-date with the newest technology I would say, “I was using Windows XP to edit audio”. You make a good point.

? I don’t get you as I’m not using neither Win 8 nor XP…

So, have you? It is not fixed in 8.5.10…

I checked but could not reproduce this sort issue.

Have you tried the actual RX 3? It is available as trial.