iZotope RX "Connect"

I would like to know if this now functions differently in Nuendo 8 compared to previous versions.

To my knowledge the feature is very clunky compared to Pro Tools integration. In PT we open connect and once a clip is selected simply pressing send in the connect will open RX editor and send the clip to it. Then selecting “send to host” in RX sends it back to PT’s “paste buffer” and if I then press “render” or whatever it is in connect then it’ll render it to the clip.

In Nuendo 7 I had to open “connect”, play through the clip using audition, stop playback (because it loops), switch manually to RX.

So, does Nuendo 8 now put itself on par with Pro Tools’ integration of iZotope RX?

I cant believe that haven’t fixed this is all about work flow round trip in pro tools is seamless very disappointed, that why I dialogue edit in pro tools then expot to nuendo :angry:

You never needed to play through the clip, you can just send it. It feels like 100 i realtime, basically a file copy.

Ah, just poor “labeling”. Glad they (iZotope) got that straight… do we have a faceplam emoticon?

I’m having a lot of trouble getting audio to and from RX6 via Connect via Direct Offline Processing, Sometimes it sends to RX and sometimes (most times) it doesn’t. There no longer appears to be a process button to send to RX or render back to Nuendo. It’s like it’s meant to happen automatically, but it usually doesn’t.

Has anyone else experienced problems like this? Am I missing something?

I have the 8.0.10 update installed.

  1. Start the RX Audio Editor alongside to Nuendo.
  2. In Nuendo, select the audio clip that you want to repair.
  3. Press F7 to open the Direct Offline Processing window.
  4. From the +Plug-In pulldown menu, select Restoration/RX5 Connect.
  5. The audio clip is transmitted to the RX Audio Editor.
  6. Perform the desired audio processing in the RX Audio Editor.
  7. Use the “Send Back” function of the RX Audio Editor while the Direct Offline processing window for the repaired clip is still open and the RX Connect process is selected…
  8. In Nuendo, the RX Connect plug-in of the Direct Offline Process will receive the processed clip. Its GUI now shows a message referring to a Process button.

In Nuendo 8, this process button does not exist. As a workaround once toggle the Bypass button of the “Izotope RX Connect” Process instead.

  1. The processed audio will be written into the audio clip of Nuendo


Thanks for the very quick reply Fredo.

It looks a bit like the system is getting confused as to where it should be sending the audio. Sometimes I will select a new clip and send it to RX6 Connect and rather than send it to RX6 it pastes silence back into the clip I have selected in Nuendo.

I’m hoping that bug will be noted and taken care of, and that the process can be sped up. This is exactly the kind of stuff that I would expect a new version to improve rather than the opposite.

The problem with the current “workaround” of bypassing and re-enabling the plugin in order to commit the changes, is that afterwards if you want to bypass the plugin again (in order to A/B compare the processing via RX) when it is re-enabled it will leave the clip complete silent, as the buffer in connect is now empty.

Yes indeed…
That workaround is not acceptable at all in the long term.
(This almost a X.0.0 version, so no real surprise with the little bugs here and there.)
In my opinion, Nuendo is so much better than others (PT included) in so many aspects that it is really too bad to have some show stoppers like that…

And that one is huge.
Any serious dialogue editor or re-recording mixer is obviously in need of a proper and stable workflow with RX.
And no sign of the multi file function that RX 6 offers now ! Too bad…
Not even talking about the new multi-mic comping processing of RX that is brilliant, but totally useless in Nuendo as it is right now. (Consequence of the multi file send. It present in Nuendo.)
In the other hand it is fair to say that RX6 is out for just a month or so, devs probably had their hands already full at that time… the fact is in PT that workflow works like a breeze, whereas the rest of the Audiosuite workflow is pure crap.

But in any case, it really needs to be fixed ASAP :

  • Couldn’t the “apply” button work as the regular “send” function when Connect Slot is empty and as a “render” function when populated ? I don’t get why it’s not the case already (Devs ? Some limitations on RX side ?)
  • the multi mono send workflow in RX Connect is much needed as well.
    (Completely different from selecting multiple events with direct offline processing : in that case btw you end up in RX with a single assembly of events instead of multiple files : not what’s needed.)

All that being said, and with just a little bit of testing, that new Direct processing is a killer function imho !
Really well done rewriting of the offline process.
But the fact remains : 4 post-only guys in here testing N8, and the very first thing we did was to test RX connect…
Even before the new video engine…

Okay, I had not checked this because I was assuming it was the same as in N7.

Now, I am really getting upset with Steinberg for releasing such a mess.

N8’s video engine does not show full HD on my setup at all (N7 and Pro Tools do), DNxHD is not supported anymore (will be back, I know) and now iZotope RX integration does not work anymore without workarounds? What is this supposed to be? The fastest way to dismantle the reputation Nuendo has built up during the last years?

This update isn’t only no step forward from an audio post point of view, it’s two massive steps backward.

I seriously would never have imagined I’d ever write this about a Nuendo update, but I am very seriously annoyed with the way this program is going. I have been a user since version 3 and have seen a lot of great innovations and new features, but this release is simply a nightmare of a roll out from my point of view. You expect users to pay for a version that is worse than the previous version?

I really hope we will see an update with some serious bug fixing and improvements very soon, from my point of view this is a complete and utter mess.

Very unhappy customer!

Dear Fredo,

I have just tried to work in Nuendo 8 with the new maintance update and I have Izotope RX6.
It is somewhat random if the Connect feature works at all even with the workaround and I have tried now several times and it does still not work. Was this properly tested by your team before the release of Nuendo 8?

Please tell the Steinberg Team to get this fixed asap! I was going to use Nuendo 8 on a small film on a budget (the randomizer and sample track was godsend as well as the new offline-feature), but I have to revert back to Nuendo 7, because of my heavy use of RX izotope 6 connect feature. It worked as a charm in Nuendo 7.

Somewhat unhappy about the new release (beause of this), but I will look forward to a bug-fix!

The Fredo´s solution doesn´t work with RX6

It does not, that’s why I am so upset.

This has to be fixed…
Either from Steinberg or iZotope side. But it has to be fixed.
Not really usable for post-work if RX Connect is not possible!!

The workflow in N7 was sluggish, but workable… N8 not so really.

This works for RX5, but only for the entire clip. Not for a specific region. Cutting the region works though.
It does NOT work with RX6.
I have not found a workaround as of now.

They are looking into the “connect” issue.
Just to avoid misunderstanding, there is nothing wrong with the plugin RX functionality, it’s just the “connect” (send/receieve to standalone RX) which is broken.


For me DOP (Direct Offline Processing) with RX6 is useless.
Can’t find a way to make it work unfortunately…but to use N7…

I’d love to see Nuendo 8’s DOP to be an option you can choose for, besides normal “Offline Processing”…DOP is really great (I think) on short audio-files and for quick-results, but it is quite a time-consuming hassle when using large audio-files and going back/forth in the undo-history.

Niek/ Amsterdam


You can still do the Offlien Processing as before, no!?
Double click to open Sample editor, select range, open plugin, process.
Or am I’m missing something?


That sounds as good news, but I can’t find how-to:
When I select my audio-event and click AUDIO/ PLUG-INS/ DEFAULT/ STEINBERG/ EQ/ FREQUENCY, Nuendo 8 opens the DOP-window…
Hopefully there’s a way to Offline Process the events, like “in the old days” ? :wink:

Niek/ Amsterdam


You’ll always end up in the DOP window, but that doesn’t mean that “the old way” doesn’t work anymore.
The DOP window simply allows you to work much faster.
In the next update, there will be a preset/quick select windown with your most used processes.
And you’ll be able to chain up processes. (Like the old batch process)


And there you can audition the process, modify & apply the process.
Have you tried it?