Izotope Trash 2 not rendering-real time export possible?

Hi folks,
I’m not sure what to do here. I first tried to render in place a track that has Izotope Trash 2 plugin and I was surprised that it wasn’t on the track. So I decided to do a full export of the whole file. Well-same deal. The plugin is not on the track. it is there when I playback within the cubase file but not when rendering, and there doesn’t seem to be a real time export and record while playing back…so what do I do to get my mixdown?

whew…ok-I found the real time export and I did a quick test and things work that way. Off to export the whole track now!

weird, trash 2 works fine on my system. The effect is being printed to audio here when doing render in place…

anywway, it might be useful to know that an audiotrack is able to record the output of a group channel. This enables you to quickly realtime record internal stuff - like a track which has Trash 2 on it.

Automate the wet/dry mix and then see if it renders for you. I can get a render to work if it is just on full wet, but if I automate the mix, then i get 100% dry no matter what.

Regarding recording a group-in this case the track with Trash was already grouped and there was bus processing and master processing.

In any case, I got it sorted by doing the real time bouncedown…

hm, I see… Just did a render with automation on wet/dry mix of Trash 2 and indeed, there is unexpected behaviour.

thanks for pointing this out!

EDIT: well, it seems that the unexpected behavious IS predictable: upon rendering the last received automation value of the wet/dry mix (ie the dry/wet value at the current cursor location) is the fixed value for the whole rendered file.

So how do I fix this? I also have problems with automation on trash 2 tracks. During mixdown. If I try real time mixdown I get a message, that I do not have enough space on my hd or something like that. I have like 400 gb free space…

Actually it’s not just the Mix parameter, but any automated Trash 2 parameter will be rendered with the last value it was set and no automation is picked up by the plugin while rendering.

Should this be a Trash or Cubase problem?

Update your iZotope plugins if you haven’t already, there is a known problem with earlier versions.

I know for a while that Izotope was having problems with VST3 automation - does it work with the VST2 version? I’ve since been using VST2 when I need complex automation.

thanks guys, I had the latest version installed, but this problem is only VST3, so I just deleted that from the plugin folder and using the VST2 version!

Perfect so thanks!

Well I just found this exact same issue. Happens on both Cubase 9.5 and 10 still, after years !

Do you think it is a steiny or izotope issue? I can’t understand how it could be an izotope issue if the automation works during normal audition.

Cubase 11, Trash 2, 2021 - still happening.