iZotope, UAD and Kontak 7 is not working with cubase 13

I had the same issue with Polymax that you’re seeing.
Something about the install got borked. A folder with the exact same name of the plugin was created that contained all the Microsoft WebView2 stuff, which isn’t valid… and this kept the actual plugin from being scanned properly.

I think Cubase couldn’t tell the difference between the folder and the plugin file.

In my case, while I know not ideal for updates, I removed the folder and Cubase noticed the Polymax immediately afterwards

Well, I’m happy they are working for you, of course. I have only 64bit VST3 plugins here and I’m not having any problems running them in C13. I was under the impression Steinberg had declared C13 to be all VST3?

Well, I have an update.

After uninstalling Kontakt from my PC and reinstalling it using a different installer than Native Access, everything became visible again. However, my happiness was short-lived.

Upon validating my Kontakt and downloading all the libraries, everything disappeared once more. I attempted to repeat the process to see if perhaps a specific library was causing the failure, but unfortunately, it didn’t work anymore.

I’ve decided to uninstall Cubase along with any leftover files and attempt to reinstall it. While I don’t believe it will make a difference, I’ve already lost a day dealing with this issue, so a few more hours won’t make much difference.

As you can see here I have VST3 on every other DAW. and at some point Cubase did recognize all the plugins.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 132916

Which folder did you removed ? Because on my end I don’t know what I did to make it work but just for 5 minutes.

no problem at all, i just wanted to highlight that VST2 support is only dropped on certain apple mac systems.
its also mentioned in the steinberg FAQ, first line:

if i have the choice, i ´m also using 64bit VST3 plugins only, but there are some that are still not available in VST3 so i need to stick to the VST2 versions to be able to use them


In your blacklist screenshot, the path shown is:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\ uaduio_pultec_eqp-1a.vst3 \Contents\Resources.…

I had to insert spaces to get the bolding to show. This folder name is exactly the name of the plugin which should also be in listed at at the same level, causing it to scan improperly.

look, these directorys are for VST2 plugin links only, the headline is “VST 2 Plugin Path Settings” you need to remove the last one, that points to common files/vst3…

Cubase automatically loads all the VST3 plugins that were installed within:
common files/VST3/,

if you set this path into Vst2 plugin paths, it will load all that webview.dll crap that is in those subdirectories

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That makes sense. But how can i scan my VST3 plugins ?

They don’t appear anywhere.

that does happen afaik automatically, i´m not able to see a setting that allows me to set the path for VST3 plugins in Cubase

also please remove this one, if its still there: (taken from your first screenshot)

After removing everything from the VST2 path, it remains the same.

They are not in the blocklist but also not in the system.

Cubase just don’t recognize them.

I am installing cubase once more but if after this nothing is happening I will call it. It is ridiculous being through all of this just to get Kontakt working along with cubase both industry standard but not working.

I already spoke with iZotope, Fab Filter and UAD and my plugins are perfect all the files are installed.

And I am still waiting to se if Steinberg help with something. I dont see any point on buying the DAW just to see if this can fix my plugin problem.

(I am beyond frustrated, because I come from logic and don’t like reaper at all. I am talking about working with midi for scoring)

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i totally feel with you, its a really frustrating experience, perhaps someone from steinberg support is willing to make a video call with you and screenshare your computer to fix the issue, i have no idea if the do such things at all?
but good luck to you!!

Well lets see. I will probably toss my PC after all. Lol

But still if someone have a solution for it just let me know

Well it seems like Cubase is not that cool after all.

What about iLok Manager? Have you installed it? And its background service - is it running?
iLok-protected plugins (like iZotope) cannot be recognized without this software component.

Ok guys, I found the solution!

Basically what is happening is that the VST3 Folder by windows default is not being scanned by Cubase.

Therefore, the solution was to move the entire content from.

Windows C\Program Files\Common Files\VST3


Windows C\Program Files\Steiberg\Cubase13\VST3

Now in order to avoid conflicts with my other daws and programs such as Resolve and premier pro etc. I will make what I know as an “Alias Folder” on “mac” to have the same content working on both Folders.

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Sorry, but this solution does not make sense to me. Your previous screenshots prove that Cubase scanned the default path but put the found plugins on the blocklist.

Well, let me show you something then.

No plugins on the specified path:

After manually copy all to that specified folder.

DONE!!! Everything is working now!!

Now trust me, I don’t know why this happened but everything is working now.

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i´m glad its working now!
i´m still puzzled why cubase on your system does not read the default VST3 folder on the system
its even written in their support documents:

there is one thing still, you need to be careful when you update your UAD spark plugins through UA Connect, you will need to manually copy the files again after each update to the new location

Yeah! I think that is how I will have to proceed! I will need to move manually every update to the other folder.

It’s a bit annoying but it will work fine. I am still wondering how to change the VST3 scan path from cubase. But, in the meantime I will be using this solution.