Izotope's Ozone5 in WLE8 vs. C6.65.5..

I downloaded the Ozone5 trial today and have been working with it a little. In C6.5.5 it behaves very well, not interfering with the start/stop operation of the project playback while the Oxone5 screen is up - and no matter where I might have my curser positioned on my monitors. However, in WLE8, if I have the Ozone5 screen up and adjust something within it, my start/stop function will not work. I have to actually click on the wave before start/stop function will return to my WLE8 project. (Using my Waves plugins, I should note that things behave in a normal way, with no interference to start/stop function.)

Now, I can understand how this could be a flaw with the iZotope software - if - it happened with both Steinberg programs. However this is not the case. I can live with it, sure, but the extra steps are a pain. Is there some setting I am missing? Will this be addressed in a future update?

I had many problems with Ozone 5 in Wavelab, but I don’t get that behavior here. I can make adjustments on the GUI and play/stop without having to click in the montage again to play.

I’m using OSX 10.8.5 and Ozone VST-3 (5.04) in Wavelab 8.0.2

OK this must be a Win7 WLE8 thing then. Like I said, C6.5.5 performs fine.

I’ve taken to using the start/stop buttons within the program for now.