J, K, L, keys - variable playback speed/direction; for quick editing/navigation in WL

This would be a new efficient/elegant way of working in WL - especially when editing dialog/podcasts. I did a forum search and didn’t see it come up before.

Like they have in Adobe Audition:-

Note 1, it’s important what’s new in AA now, is that each subsequent press of a key (J, L) will increase/decrease playback speed - backwards/forwards - by a user defined set amount.!

Note 2, I understand current Jog/Shuttle; but that is a separate useful mode (when highly zoomed in for example).

Unless I’m wrong, the current ‘Playback Speed’ dialog only allows for setting a global playback speed function, and is not available (via shortcuts) to adjust the settings ‘live’, whilst playback continues.

Anyway, maybe something to consider for WL 12 (especially WL Cast).?

In WaveLab Pro, you can assign Transport preset to custom shortcuts. Hence if your transport preset contains a speed setting, there is what you need I guess.
I mean, this is not a shortcut to speed up or down, I am speaking of custom shortcuts to apply the speed setting of your choice.

Understood. Thanks @PG1

Transport presets would be clumsy at best, in comparison to what’s being described in the video. I’m happy that idea (vary playback speed up/down ‘on-the-fly’) has for now, been presented.

The concept (for those unfamiliar) is in line with working/editing in a video NLE - really nice workflow that he demos translating well, into the audio field.

Audio-book editing, dialogue production, Podcast work etc… are not the kind of projects I usually get myself - I just stumbled on that vid and thought about others needs.

Personally, WL fully covers all my (small-time) music-related audio production, finalising, mastering needs, of course.

I’ll leave it there… Lets see if there are more responses/discussion.:wink:

to be fair what audition had before as a work around was very clumsy, I find I want my own preset/custom playback speeds for editing books/dialogues/podcasts and to be honest the routed hotkeys work well in wavelab, I don’t need incremental bumps in speed and preserved pitch is a must

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