JABB & Halion template

I made a try-out file to learn how to use a combination of sounds of JABB and standard Halion.
When in ‘Play/Playback Template’ I select Garritan JABB all the JABB sounds (including mutes) seem to work okay. Great.
But what to do if I only want trumpets and trombones from JABB and the rest, saxes and rhythm from Halion?
In Playmodes ‘Track inspector’ there’s only JABB instruments to choose from and in VST & Midi clicking ‘Steinberg’ does not seem to work.

I love Dorico for the writing-part, would never go back to my previous program, but when it comes to using different sound-libraries I have the feeling I should need a technical degree.

Any advise would be appreciated.

JABB & Halion template.dorico (1.2 MB)

You need to create your own custom playback template that includes the instrument overrides you want.
This video tutorial is old, but the principles are still valid.

Thanks Janus. I’m studying it now and I have several small questions. Like this.

I have opened a fresh Big Band file in the hub.
In Play-mode with Alto 1 selected, clicking on the e (edit instrument) gives the Halion Sonic window. In field 6 to 13 trumpet combi and trombone combi are selected automatically. But field 1 to 5 is empty… Why?
Shouldn’t there be something like ‘saxes combi’ in 1 to 5?

In other words, is this how the Halion window and the endpoint setup look after loading a new big band file from the hub? Or did a mess up the settings completely?

I can’t really help with the specifics of JABB as I do not use it.
But in general, JABB (IIRC) runs in ARIA, so you would set up your JABB Instruments there. (You might need an instance of Aria for each instrument - others will advise better than I can). If you set that up as an endpoint JABB, you would then create a custom playback template with that endpoint followed by the normal HSSE+HSO.

I see there is a JABB template already for Dorico.

Thanks Janus, I’m in the process of learning how to get sounds work like I want them to. I do have the JABB installed. But this question is even before JABB. Here I only use the standard Halion sound library.
So, why are the slots for saxes empty?
And, in the Endpoint setup, is it normal that trumpets use ‘HSO Trumpet solo’ and saxes ‘CC11 Dynamics’? I would expect ‘HSO Saxes solo’.
Other experts who could answer this?

Can you post the project?

Five empty sax slots.dorico (2.7 MB)

Well. You appear not to have loaded any JABB instruments (your vst rack only includes Halion and Groove Agent)
Here’s your file with the JABB template that I mentioned above applied (As I thought a seprate Aria instance will be created for each instrument). You should see Garritan JABB in the list of Playback Templates (Play>Playback templates…). You can edit this to make it apply just to the instruments you want, and add a fallback to one of the Dorico default endpoints for any other instruments.
Five empty sax slots2.dorico (1.1 MB)

I just found out that I managed to whipe out the sound of saxes in Halion. When opening a new piece with a sax I have no sax sound. I’ll first search this forum how to handle that problem.

Rob, very likely your problem with missing sax sounds is explained by this issue: