JABB playback template - mystery send

I created my own JABB template before I was aware of John Barron’s, but both templates are exhibiting the same problem. Within the trumpet and trombone sections, the mixer only shows level on trumpet 1 and trombone 1, regardless of which player in the section actually is playing. In addition, the faders for chairs 2-4 in both sections have no effect.

To reproduce the issue, create a new Big Band score and replace the playback template with John’s JABB template. If you enter notes in trumpet 2-4, you will see level only on trumpet 1 when you start playback.

I feel like this is an Aria issue, but I have yet to find any relevant controls to tweak, nor other users on the internet having the same problem.

Are you using the “Multi” ARIA VST?

Some of the ARIA VSTs only provide outputs to all their slots on one pair of stereo outputs, so you’ll only see one track in Dorico’s mixer.

The VST marked “Multi”: you can set the pair of outputs for each slot by clicking where it says “1/2” in grey. You will then get a track in Dorico’s mixer for each slot.

For most Endpoints/Templates, I tend to use one VST per instrument, so it doesn’t arise.

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