JABB Playback Template not loading sounds?

Aria player is not loading any sounds when I use the playback template in Dorico 5.
I uninstalled and re-installed the newest playback template, and also have whitelisted the Aria player. I also upgraded to Aria 1.967

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.2 MB)

I’m using an Intel 2017 Macbook Pro with Ventura 13.6

As can be seen in the ARIA sidepanel, you don’t have JABB installed (correctly). Only the Finale Default instruments are available.

Looks like you need to reinstall JABB itself. (But make sure it’s not already installed, but in a non-default location.)

Also, if you’re on a Mac, the latest version of ARIA player is 2.026.

Although you’re still on Intel, version 2 and above include Multi-output VST3 plug-ins.

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If you have the full JABB sound set, have you dragged the authorization card (graphic) onto the Aria Player?

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If JABB is installed, but not licensed, then it will still appear in the sidebar, but only play sounds for two minutes.

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Thank you so much! I completely forgot about the activation card, and also the upgrade to the newest Aria player worked like a charm. I’m good to go

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