Jam Origin MidiGuitar2 with Cubase 10.5

Any of you using Jam Origin MidiGuitar2 with Cubase 10.5? This is an update: I have not been able to get it going.

Not working yet.

ya i use it from time to time and I think it’s pretty easy to use… if everything is set properly it should work real nice…

Yeah, that’s the point – do you know how to make sure ‘everything is set properly’? Care to share it with all of us?

I guess it depends on what you want to do exactly, just load it as a plugin on a mono audio channel with a di guitar signal plugin it, with reasonable gain but not clipping. (eg -18 - -6 ). Then either load a built-in preset, or set it up with another midi channel with midiguitar2 as input.
There is a lot of ways to use it, and it is fun to just play with one audio track with di electric guitar input and select a preset. Pretty much good to go with the presets for fun stuff.
I think what matters the most is your playing, and if you actually trying to create ‘guitar’ parts or just other sounds. The pitch tracking is pretty good and you can record the midi with velocity and pitch then edit after that to clean it up, because there is probably going to be extra notes sounding that what you expect…
I should use this plugin more.

Oh, I also use this to turn guitar and bass recorded parts into midi, works best with clean or di sounds. And if you want to do that with bass then use pitch-shift up an octave or so so that MidiGuitar2 can recognize the pitches, then transpose the midi afterward.

Thanks beerbong! I’m going to try it today so I can put on here that it definitely works with Cubase 10.5. Not working.