Jamstix 3.5 and Cubase 7 problems

I am having problems getting Jamstix 3.5 to work with Cubase 7. Are there any users of this combination having a problem getting a sound out of Jamstix 3.5 ?

Jamstix 3.5 worked with 6.5.4. It still operates under this version. However, under C7 it does not seem to have any output. The plugin appears in the vst instrument list. It also even shows the gui when pulled up. The GUI seems to show that it is getting a signal. While the instrument is “playing” there is no sound coming out. Additionally, in the Jamstix user interface all of the instruments in the grid show a red X while playing.

At this point, I have pointed Cubase 7 to the vst plugin folder under 6.5.4. I have also copied the Jamstix exe file to the vst 2 folder under Cubase 7.

I should point out that I am using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and both C6.5.4 and C7 are the 64-bit flavor. Anyone have an ideas on what could be going wrong? I have searched the forum for similar problems but to no avail.

I’m not sure if this is of any help but I’m using Windows 7 with 64bit Jamstix3.5 with no problems at all. The red X’s makes me think that it’s the drummer brain not creating actually hits. Does the kit make a sound when you manually hit the instruments…? Also make show you have "never downmix"/options checked it might be an output assignment issue…

Baikki, thank you for your response. There is no sound when playing the kit image on the interface.

Using JS 3.5 here with no problems,not much use to you I know but at least you know it should work, good luck…have you set up the output for the drums correctly, this was a simple mistake that I made…you should Email Ralph at JS, he’s very helpful…Kevin

Just to let everyone know; it was a very simple fix. Ralph over at Rayzoon is the greatest. His customer services is beyond great. It is without peers; the best. Maybe Steinberg should make him CEO of their company.

Anyway the fix was to simply open Cubase 7 under administrator. So simple. Simply right click on the cubase icon on your desktop and then go down to administrator and click that. Cubase then will bring up a window that ask if you want to open under administrator. Cubase then opens as it normally does.

Nice one…Ralph is a goodun…