Jamstix 3 - 6.0.2 Export Audio issue

I am having an issue with the export audio function with Jamstix 3 in Cubase 6.0.2 32 bit. The internal sounds of Jamstix exports fine - but I am using the midi out option of Jamstix to drive SD2. When I do this Jamstix does not seem to create the midi out events to drive SD2 during the export audio process. This works fine when I load the same project in Cubase 5.5.2.

To reproduce:

  • load Jamstix in 6.0.2
  • load your midi drum vst of choice
  • create a track - Input: Jamstix midi out — Output: your drum vst of choice
  • create a song using Jamststix - playback should be fine
  • try to export audio - my file ends up blank

I checked with Rayzoon and they could not see any reason why this should not work 6.0.2.

I would appreciate it if someone would test this and verify this issue for me.


Hi jgale

I see your thread on Razoon.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a third party drum kit on my PC. but have you tried freezing the track first,(or is this what you mean by export audio) before exporting.
I imagine it will be the same, but worth a try.
Perhaps the new update to 6.03 will fix it.


Thanks for the reply Studio64. I am referring to the option under File -> Export -> Audio Mixdown.

You actually don’t need a drum vst to test this - any vst will do (it just may sound odd). For Steinberg to look into this as an issue, I need to have someone else reproduce this to eliminate the problem being local to my system.

If you are willing to test this - I would appreciate it…