Jamstix 3 and Cubase 654 ?


What do I need to do to produce midi notes from Jamstix on its track?

A step by step, or link would be appreciated.

I can hear jamstix, and see the empty track (that was added when I added an instrument) recording in cubase, but no midi on the track…

What am I doing wrong?


you better contact Ralph directly at the rayzoon forum. he developed this great drum machine. also Rayzoon´s support is awesome.
with drag´n´drop you could move the drum pattern which jamstix produce to the cubase sequencer. its very easy


Thanks for the reply Bert,

What im after here is that I cant seem to get the 64 bit cubase 6.5.4 to record the new 64 bit Jamstix 3.5 on an instrument track using a drummer and kit with Jamstix, while Jamstix is playing. The instrument track is scrolling in record mode, jamstix plays the drum track which I can hear, but no midi data is being sent to the track as jamstix plays. Sonar X2 does this in real time. What do I need to setup correctly inside of Cubase for this to happen?

In another section of this site there is a forum that is for VST instruments. There are VST drummers and such hanging out there, maybe post this there?

One question however? Is Jamstix moved past the beta 64 bit, or are you running the beta?

Jamstix 3.5 was released today… So no beta.

And since this seems to be a cubase setup issue for Jamstix I thought id ask here, however I will go and search for the other drummer areas… Thanks…

I replied to your post in the Jamstix forum but will share it here as well. The instrument track is set up, by default, for the MIDI to go from the MIDI track to the instrument. You need the MIDI track to receive input FROM the instrument. I think you need to load Jamstix in the VST rack, then create a MIDI track and send the Jamstix MIDI to that track. Also, make sure the track is record armed.

OK and thanks- I will try this…